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Practice like the real thing

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Enterprise Virtual Reality Training


InStage is for employees who routinely speak in-person to customers or co-workers.  

We recreate these interactions in a VR training simulation where employees can practice, get performance feedback and try it again. 


  • Customer Objection Handling

  • Panel Interviews

  • New Product Pitch + Q&A

  • Elevator Pitches

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Believable Practice

Our mission is to make people believe that they are "in that place, doing that thing"

After 1000+ user trials where people faced everything from a handful of clients in a boardroom to a room full of shareholders at a conference, they believed.

And this is what makes the experience potent and the data powerful. 

Our Approach

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1. Practice

Company content, processes and key messaging is translated into a virtual reality simulation.

Employees face situations that mirror the real thing.

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2. Measure

Key metrics are tracked and reported in real time.

Everything from the amount of eye contact made with customers to whether or not there is compliance to sales processses.

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3. Repeat

Mistakes are cheap in VR, and VR training simulations are easily repeated.

Progress toward key metrics are reported over multiple sessions.

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To learn more we need to show, not tell. See the demo

We're currently engaging with companies that have more than 500 employees.

InStage is best suited for employees who routinely engage in verbal communication with clients or co-workers.